RRS PRO led map reader with potentiometer

54.90 Incl. BTW


RRS led map reader with potentiometer

After Mitsubishi Ralliart, Hyundai Motorsport uses our RRS led map lights with potentiometer on the i20 WRC.

When RRS decided to create a led map reader, the idea was to offer a product able to deliver the required luminous intensity, with a flexible arm strong enough to resist to shocks and racing driving, during rallys, raids, and other motorsports with hard conditions.

RRS placed a switch/potentiometer, really easy to use by co-driver, and our led map reder was born.

Light but strong.

Shape memory strong arm, manufactured with high quality steel.

For a light weight, lighting head is made with aluminium.

Light, resistance, energy saving.

While creating our map light, we thought about race conditions.

And what is more terrible for a bulb than shocks ?

That’s why RRS decided to use LEDS.

8 small leds provide an optimum lighting, with a 100000 hours life time. (it means 10 years of non stop lighting)

And it uses 100x less energy than a regular light !