Keuring & vulling RRS EcoFirex brandblusser

95.00 Incl. BTW


According to FIA current regulations, automatic extinguisher must be reviewed every two years.

The review of the ECOFIREX extinguisher must always be done by RRS before the end of the validity date (mentioned on the label of the extinguisher).



You can order the revision package on the website. Once the payment done and your order confirmation received by email, simply send us the bottle of the fire extinguisher (only the bottle) and join the confirmation of your order (which you received by email).

It will be fully disassembled, emptied, revised and reconditioned. It will be returned with a new label validity of 2 years. You’ll just have to reconnect the bottle in the car.

Maintenance and revision is only for the extinguisher RRS ECOFIREX.