RRS electrisch FIA blussysteem

549.00 Incl. BTW


OPTIFIREX, the lightest, least bulky and most beautiful electrically operated FIA fire extinguisher on the market!

Includes easy installation instructions.

Kit contains:
Canister 1x 4.25L AFFF
1x control box: battery test, electrical circuit continuity test and contact function.
1x pre-assembled electrical harness
2x switches (interior and exterior) with red aluminum guard

2x aluminum tubes of 4m each with black protection
2x brackets with integrated anti-torpedo
6x nozzles
2x fittings 90 °
1x 3-way connector
4x T connector
2x E (Extinguisher) sticker
1x installation manual
9v battery included in the control box.

Length with head: 38 cm.
Weight of the loaded canister: 6.3 kg, i.e. 1.1 kg lighter than Ecofirex!

Compulsory revision every 2 years in our workshops.

FIA Approved –
Perfect for use in closed cockpit racing cars. (rally, GT, track…)


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