RRS PHANTOM FIA racing seat FIA 2024

469.00 Incl. BTW



This new FIA-approved RRS bucket seat is a RTM technology seat that makes it lighter and stronger for added safety.
This bucket seat is equipped with an anti-slip coating and an innovative and modern design. The shape of the backrest recalls the design of the lumbar cushion.
Its non-slip coating allows an optimal holding while avoiding the slip of the suit on the seat during heavy braking and the density of the seat foam allows to feel the movements of your car.

The lateral fasteners of M8 are fixed with a spacing of 290mm.


What is RTM technology?
Created and developed in our laboratories, RTM (Resin Transfer Molding) technology allows weight gain and increased rigidity.
This innovative production method is able to generate a lighter and more resistant fibreglass bucket seat shell, guaranteeing a 30% weight reduction compared to standard seats!

Made in Europe, it is one of the best quality/ price/ performance ratio on the market.


  • FIA Standard 8855-1999
  • Dimensions: See photos
  • Very good finish and guaranteed rigidity
  • 5 harness passages
  • Side fasteners (not supplied)
  • Black waxed fiber back
  • Velcro® removable cushions: back, seat, legs
  • 4 BTR screws supplied
  • Verified seat weight: 10.25 kg
  • Possible color: Black
  • Designed for drivers less than 1.80m and 75 kg.
  • Side to side centre distance: 410mm

The seat is equipped with a cushion divided in two parts for better comfort.
For fasteners, prefer lateral fasteners with a 290mm centre distance.

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