RRS FIA EVO racing seat FIA 2024

429.00 Incl. BTW



Weight: 10.2 kg
SIZE M: Designed for sizes under 1.80m, 75kg

Concerned with offering quality equipment at the best price, RRS presents you the new FIA EVO racing seat. The RRS racing seat range is indeed expanding with this racing seat with profiled side protectors. The head is better protected in the event of a side impact while maintaining optimal visibility.

The ergonomic shape of the seat cushions will offer you better support and greater comfort.

It benefits from decades of experience and feedback in order to achieve an extraordinary quality / price / performance ratio.


  • FIA 8855-1999 compliance – Complies with current regulations
  • Hans friendly
  • Dimensions : take a look at pics
  • Perfect finish and rigidity guaranteed.
  • 5 harnesses holes
  • Sides mounting (seat mountings not provided)
  • Black waxed back for a super finish
  • Removable seat cushions. (back, bottom, legs : 600gr.)
  • 4x BTR provided bolts
  • Verified weight : 10.2 Kg

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