2kg poederblusser grijs

44.95 Incl. BTW


RRS 2kg ABC hand held fire extinguisher Hand held extinguisher featuring a steel bottle with ABC powder.

Provided complete with a mounting bracket and quick release stainless steel straps. (25G resistant, like FIA standards)

Extremely useful, easy to use and efficient, it owns a control manometer to check internal pressure.

RRS 2kg ABC fire extinguisher is able to fight against different kind of fires : A type fire : « dry fire », (solid materials like wood) B type fire : « greasy fire ». (petrol,gasoline, oil…) C type fire : « gas fire »

RRS 2kg extinguisher is perfect for motorsports, but may be useful in your garage, warehouse, camper, daily car or your kitchen !

ABC powder.


In compliences with FIA standards regarding straps resistance.(25G)

LongX diameter : 400mmX110mm

Standards EN3 – CE0029.

Weights 3,8kg.