RRS Virage2 handschoenen – Rood XL

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Laatste paar maat XL

This must have equipment for a driver must be like a second skin to provide all necessary grip and feeling.

RRS created Virage2 FIA gloves to increase efficiency of your driving skills and experience.

Comfort, safety, grip, precision, reliability.

External sews : this production method provide an incredible comfort.

Polyurethane pads : judiciously placed, for a perfect grip and grasping.

Slim fitting shape : perfect comfort

In compliance with FIA 8856-2000

What is FIA 8856-2000 ?

This is a standard to define technical and manufacture specifications for motorsports drivers.

This kind of equipment must weight 180gr/m² minimum, and must pass numerous safety and technical evaluation tests.

To sum up, the material is placed on a flame during 11 seconds.

When the flame is stopped, the material mustn’t burn or break.

11 seconds may seem a very short time, but stop to read this text during 11 seconds, figuring you’re trapped in a burning racing car. This time seems very long